Where and when can I purchase my Crawfest ticket?

You can only purchase tickets on this website once released for sale on the 1st March 2023. You will be issued with an E ticket which you will need to show at the gate on your phone or a printed copy, so you can be issued with an appropriate wrist band by a steward, in order to gain entry to the festival site.

Register your details and get 15% off on tickets purchased in March!

Please don't leave it too late to book a camping pitch, as we have limited availability.

Can I bring my own alcohol into the main event field?

No alcohol is allowed into the event field, as well as absolutely no glass. Water and soft drinks in 500ml plastic bottles are permitted. 

Due to licensing and health and safety concerns, we cannot allow the public to bring in their own alcohol to the main event field. This is not so we can hike up the price of drinks, but its because as licence holder's we have a legal responsibility to host an event that is as safe as it can possibly be.  The bar prices are very reasonable (£4-£5.50 a pint), and inline with what you would pay down your local pub. Crawfest also needs to raise some money for our chosen charity's, so don't be tight,  put your hand in your pocket and buy a cold pint!

Voluntary bag checks by security staff are a condition of entering the event field. Any alcohol found will be confiscated. Wrist bands will also be checked (please refer to our terms and conditions for clarity).

Under age drinking will not be tolerated at Crawfest. If anyone under age of 18 years old is found to be consuming alcohol, appropriate action will be taken by our security team immediately.

When will I be issued with my wrist band?

As you drive into the farm, you will be greeted by stewards at the front gate. Your tickets will be checked, and then you will be issued with the appropriate wrist bands. The steward will then direct you to either the car park or the campsite.

Your wrist band needs to be worn at all times. Anyone found without a wrist band will be charged for entry, or escorted by security from the festival.

Will I be able to purchase a ticket on the day?

Tickets can be purchased on the day, but only if we have availability. In order to avoid disappointment, I would strongly advise you buy tickets in advance.

Can I camp over night?

We have a camping field on the festival site suitable for tents, camper vans, and caravans right next door to the main event field. 

When purchasing tickets you will have the option of purchase a camping pitch if there is availability. Camping pitches will be sold on a first come, first served basis. Only those with a pre-purchased camping pitch will be allowed access on the day. We have a strict pre-determined number of camping pitches available, and once they are sold, no further spaces will be available. 

Only ONE person in the party sharing the same tent, caravan, or camper van needs to book a camping pitch, so great value for money.

Please book early to avoid disappointment.

Are Camper vans and Caravans allowed?

Campervans and Caravans are welcome at Crawfest. Unfortunately we cannot allow awnings or gazebos to be erected alongside vehicles, due to the limited space we have available on site.

When can I access the campsite to set up my tent?

Ticket holders that have purchased a camping / campervan pitch, can access the Crawfest campsite from midday on Friday 14th July to pitch tents etc, with access to the stage field later in the afternoon to access food and the bar (DJ set Friday evening).

Do I need to pay for children?

Any person over the aged 13 - 17yrs will require a ticket for a young person. Children aged  5 - 16 years will require a child's ticket.
Children under 5 are free.
(18 and overs require an adult ticket)

Are dogs allowed at Crawfest?

We are dog friendly! All we ask is you keep your dog on the lead at all times and clean up after them. Thank you.

Is there parking on site for those not camping at Crawfest?

We have a large FREE car-park at Crawfest for those not camping overnight. 

Can we have our own BBQ's at Crawfest?

BBQ's are allowed in the campsite, as long as they are raised off the ground and not directly on the grass to reduce the risk of fire. BBQ's will need to be extinguished by 10pm please. BBQ's are not permitted in the main event / stage field due to health and safety requirements.

What is there at Crawfest to keep the kids occupied?

Crawfest is a family festival, so there will always be loads of stuff to keep the kids happy, because Happy kids mean happy parents!
Exactly what will be on offer for the kids will be advertised on our social media in the run up to the festival. 

Do children need to be accompanied by an adult?

All under 17's need to be accompanied by an adult at Crawfest.

What facilities will there be for those individuals physically disabled?

At Crawfest we will have disabled a toilet and a disabled parking area close to the entrance. Please be aware the festival is on a farm, and the ground is uneven. However, we will have a team of stewards that will be happy to give any assistance required.

Will there be enough toilets?

Toilets are always much talked about at festivals, often for all the wrong reasons! However we will do our very best to provide enough toilets and keep them clean for you over the weekend.  However, I would advice bringing a back up toilet roll just in case!  

In 2023 we are also going to provide areas to get washed with drinking water and lighting. This area will be next to the toilets in the camping field.

Is there electric hook up or showers available on the campsite?

I'm sorry to say we don't have either facility on the campsite this year. We are trying to keep costs incurred to a minimum, which is reflected in the low ticket price. If people are happy to pay more, or pay to use the service on site, we can certainly look into showers and electric hook up in the future.

Is the festival safe for small children?

We will have a professional security team on duty 24hrs a day, to ensure Crawfest remains a safe event for everyone. Working alongside the security team, we will also have a large team of stewards to assist you with any issues you may have. Our aim is to make Crawfest a happy, fun, and safe festival for everyone.

Can I get a refund on a purchased ticket?

I'm sorry, but we cannot offer refunds for tickets once purchased. 

Do you give a discount to registered carers?

A parent or care provider attending the festival to assist or care for an individual with a registered disability, can be issued with a discount code giving you a free ticket. Please get in touch if you qualify.

Proof of entitlement on entry to the festival will be required.

Will I be able to park my car next to my tent?

Cars will only be allowed into the camping field so you can unload. Once you have unloaded you will be required to move your car into the car park just a short distance away.

Unfortunately we cannot allow cars to stay in the camping field this year for two reasons. Firstly we are very limited on space, and so need to utilise the space as effectively as possible. By not having cars taking up space we can fit in more tents and campervans.

More importantly from a health and safety point of view, it's a lot safer by not having cars in the field. We are also going to be separating the campervans from the tents in order to help reduce fire risks, and to reduce the risk of injury if a vehicle had a hand brake failure (vehicles will be instructed to park side on to the slope so if there is a failure the vehicle does not roll).

I appreciate this may sound OTT, but your safety is our priority.

What if I am staying in my Camper van and our friends are in a tent. Can we pitch up next to each other?

Unfortunately we cannot put tents and campervans next to each other in the same row due to the fire risk. However, the stewards will endeavour to position you opposite each other either side of the access road that also acts as a fire break.

If a group of you are coming to crawfest in different vehicles and staying in a number of tents, in order to be pitched together, it would be advisable to arrive all together at the same time. That way the stewards can fill the field in a way that makes the most of the space we have available. Thank you